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The terms “fashion photography” or “editorial photography” are often used without knowing what they really mean. So we did some research on this terms and found some interesting definitions that we’d like to share with you.

Fashion Photography

For the term “fashion photography” exist a lot of different definitions. Microsoft’s Encarta says:

“Fashion photography is the art or practice of taking photographs of models wearing clothes or clothing accessories, especially for fashion magazines.”
(Source: Microsoft Encarta)

This definition is short and incorporates the term “art” which is an attribute most photographers love to describe their work. It is even applicable to the upcoming trend to nudity in fashion photography. Famous fashion magazines like “LOVE” are showing editorials with top models like Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone or Naomi Campbell in classic nude art manner with less clothes than the bunnies in the playboy magazine. Why is this also fashion photography? Because the models have at least shoes on or some jewelry.

We’ve also found some interesting discussions on the topic what fashion photography is. Some people interpret the term “fashion” broader not just in the meaning of clothes and accessories. They add lifestyle aspects to it’s meaning. It reflects how we live today, in the past or in the future. We really like this approach as it allows to handle fashion photography in a more creative way. There are almost no boundaries anymore.